Last week I used the tent analogy. In this analogy, goals were the poles that made it possible for my tent to stand. Had the poles been weak, my tent would have not stood the strong winds. Though weak goals cannot always support our dreams, most people use them! As a result, most people never achieve their dreams. When I realised this, I had to change the way I set my goals. My mentor Les Brown told me, ‘Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit’.

I now set STAR goals which have four characteristics. First, STAR goals are strongly felt and connected to my dreams. Second, they are locked in my heart and written on the screen of my mind so that I can visualise them every day. Third, they are absolutely necessary and are like a life-and-death issue to me. Fourth and last, STAR goals are ridiculously hard to achieve. Even if I don’t achieve them, it is worth going through the process.

As you build your dream, have goals that are strong enough to support it. As you work on your dream, have goals that will push you towards the stars. As you journey to your dream, have goals that will drive you to a higher purpose. As you crave for your dream, have a mentor to help you lock your goals into your heart and write them on the screen of your mind so that you can visualise them every day. This way, you will achieve your dreams and live your greatest life.

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