We believe that greatness leaves footprints/ clues. That is why we have a dedicated team at the institute to research greatness in all areas of our lives.

We are pioneers and world leaders in cutting-edge research on greatness. Our focused and accessible research makes a difference in any areas of life across the world. For example, we have researched the world’s number one motivational speaker Les Brown. Based on Les Brown’s speaking genius, we have go on to create courses and systems that have supported businesses across the globe.

Commission us

We are constantly seeking new ways to engage with people from all walks of life and bring to the fore their greatness to the world. We invite businesses, governments, charitable organisations to contact us so that we can research their greatness and put it to the service of human kind. There is greatness within you. Let us help you share it with the world.

Partner with us

Are you thinking of joining us as business partner? Do you have a course on any area of greatness that you would like us to offer our customers? Are you interested in joining our research team? Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the different ways you can partner with us and live your dreams too.

Journal of Greatness Studies

This is an open-access, online, multi-disciplinary and peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform for our students to publish their creative research in the areas of greatness, education, royalty, and authorship. The journal also welcomes articles from scholars from all over the world that represent a variety of theoretical perspectives and different methodological approaches.

Greatness Journal of Social Sciences (GJSS)

The Greatness Journal of Social Sciences is an international peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary academic research journal. Its main aim is to publish scholarly work in the social sciences. Examples of subject areas covered include History; Theology; Policy-Making; Governance; Democracy; Politics; Civil Society; Social Structures; Sustainability; Strategic Planning; Anthropology; Business; Economics; Education; Geography; Law; Philosophy; Psychology; Sociology; Gender Studies and many others. This journal is a forum for review, reflection and discussion informed by the results of recent and ongoing research. Contributions are welcome from all fields which have relevant and insightful comments to make about the social sciences.

Greatness Journal of Agricultural Sciences (GJAS)

Greatness Journal of Agricultural Sciences is an international journal dedicated to the advancements in agriculture throughout the world. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists, students, academics and engineers all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of agricultural sciences. The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields: Agricultural livelihoods, Agricultural Biodiversity, Agricultural Botany, Agricultural Ecology, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Genomics, Agricultural Production, Agricultural Resources, Agrology, Agronomy, Animal and Plant Breeding and Nutrition, Aquaculture, Biological Engineering, Breeding Genetics and Pathology, Crop Physiology and Science, Dairy Farming, Energy Agriculture, Environmental Hydrology, Fertilization, Breeding and Protection of Plants, Horticulture, Husbandry Science, Irrigation Management, Modelling of Crop and Animal Systems, Organic Agriculture, Plant Breeding Genetics and Pathology, Plant Nutrition, Plant Protection, Genetically Modified Agricultural Organisms, Soil Science and Soil Land Use, Soil-Plant Relationships, Sustainable Rural Development, and Theoretical Production Ecology. Greatness Journal of Agricultural Sciences also welcomes short reports of 2-5 pages that present either an original idea or preliminary data and results; and book reviews of recently published books in agricultural sciences.

Greatness Journal of Natural Resources Management (GJNRM)

This is an international journal dedicated to the advancements in natural resources management throughout the world. Its aim is to provide a platform for scientists, students, academics and engineers all over the world to promote, share, and discuss new issues and developments in different areas of environmental conservation and related sciences. These include and are not restricted to environmental management and sustainable development, energy resources and environment, natural resources management sciences, environmental livelihood sciences, wildlife sciences, forestry livelihoods, renewable and non-renewable energy sciences, ecosystem restoration and management, natural resource economics, sustainable natural resources management, wetland livelihoods, ecofeminism, and environmental technology.

Greatness Journal of Public Health (GJPH)

The Greatness Journal of Public Health (GJPH) is a multidisciplinary journal aimed at attracting contributions from epidemiology, health services research, health economics, management sciences, ethics and law, environmental health sciences, and other disciplines of relevance to public health. It acts as a platform for the discussion and debate on current international public health issues. Issues will contain peer-reviewed original articles, editorials, commentaries, book reviews, news, and letters to the editor, announcements of events, and various other features. The GJPH style and editorial policies conform to the uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals, as specified by the statements of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Unless differently specified below, all these guidelines apply to the GJPH.