Can you imagine looking back on your life only to discover that you have not lived your dreams? Only to realise that you have only lived your fears? It's a frightening thought, isn't it? To know that your dreams might die with you rather than flourish during your lifetime?

Yesterday was the started of living a new dream for me when I received the long awaited phone call from the world's number one motivation speaker and someone I have always wanted to be my personal mentor: Les Brown. In his majestic voice he started the phone call: 'Patrick, how are you?' My reply, 'Fine Les Brown how are you? I have been longing to talk to you'. His reply 'It is a pleasure to hear your voice. It is always a treat when great people meet... I love your heart and your spirit and I can't wait to work with you one on one. We are going to have a great time together'. I can't wait walking the path to greatness with Les Brown.

My message to you is: never stop fighting for your dreams. Let nobody, no event or circumstance steal your dream. Always remember that if you give up on your dreams, your dreams will never give up on you. This is my story. What is your story?

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