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Book Writing Bootcamps

Book Writing Bootcamps

Book Writing Bootcamps

A lot of people want or have at least thought about writing a book. This is because there are a lot of benefits to having a book with your name on it. Writing a book and becoming a published author allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field, increase your credibility, share your message with the world and transform your business. However, few people ever write and publish their book. When you come to our retreat, you will discover that writing your book is not that complicated.  We will give you a 7 step roadmap to write, publish and monitise your book.

This course will help you:

·        Discover the book within you

·        Learn the blueprint to write and design your book

·        Learn and develop the skills to become a great author

·        Publish and promote your book

·        Turn your book into a profitable business.

You have something special. There is a book within you. Come to our book writing retreats and discover, write, publish and monetise the book within you. Allow the world to read and be transformed by your message.

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