Authorship Studies Institute

We give birth to great authors.

Welcome to Authorship Studies Institute: a place where great authors are born. This is where we fuse academia with industry insights to open up a world of opportunities for you. Our innovative courses are enhanced by workshops, readings, online activities and masterclasses by acclaimed authors, editors and publishers from a range of genres.

In a fast-changing society where consumers are bombarded with fake news and a flood of information, carefully curated and diverse content is more important than ever. The authorship and publishing industry is undergoing an exciting and unprecedented time of change and is rapidly adapting to an evolving digital marketplace. This industry requires professionals who are digital natives and who feel passionate about reading and writing books.

Whether you aspire to make your living as an author, editor or magazine publisher, you will find our courses stimulating and innovative. If you are looking to pursue a career as a writer, our courses will help you to understand not only the theoretical and practical skills of writing but also the commercial realities and opportunities from the perspective of the more business-oriented world of publishers. Equally, as an aspiring publisher, this course will give you valuable insight into the creative processes, aspirations, and concerns of authors.

Our courses will equip you for many career paths in and beyond the creative industries of today. You will attain extensive transferable skills, a high level of employability and a full and nuanced understanding of the rich world of writing and publishing. You can look forward to a wide range of possible post-graduation opportunities, from employment to freelancing, to getting your writing published or even setting up your own business thus transitioning from author to authorpreneur.